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Kids matter to families, to schools and to the community. These are the groups that KidsMatter Primary aims to bring together to improve children’s mental health.
Good mental health is vital for learning and life. Children who are mentally healthy are better able to meet life’s challenges. They also learn better and have stronger relationships with school staff, family members and peers.
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Rock and Water

Rock and Water is a social skills program that works with young people to improve and assist in the growth of social skills and empathy.   The program increases self-control and enhances social and communication skills.
The Rock and Water program is a physical-social teaching approach, using learning that is fun and engaging through exercises and games.
The program will provide practical strategies and information around a range of topics including: 
• Self-esteem
• Self-talk 
• Healthy Relationships
• Friendship
• Peer pressure
• Enhance resilience skills and well-being
• Relaxation and mindfulness
• Increased self-respect, self-control and self-confidence
• Communication skills
• Intuition, mental strength, empathic feeling, positive feeling, thinking and visualising.
The program is an excellent tool to support young people in finding their grounding, learning how to centre oneself and learning how to self-manage in social settings. Topics covered in the program include: intuition, body language, mental strength, empathic feeling, positive feeling, positive thinking and positive visualizing.
Self-awareness increases through activities and by learning to know and recognise feelings within your body.  The physical exercises are aimed at three skills:
Grounding, Centring  and Focusing
The aim of the program is to build a Rock and Water Person. This is a person who is aware of their own qualities and who has the courage to follow their feelings, who is willing to discover their own path and who will be able to manage the responsibilities and challenges they encounter on their way through life.




Scientists in Schools


Each term selected students in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to partake in the Scientist in Schools program with Dr. Steven Goh from the University of Southern Queensland.


Students learn basic robotics and engineering skills.




Emu Gully Camp

This leadership camp is designed for Year 6 students. It is both challenging and fun. The activities are purpose built around the skills of team work and based on the ANZAC ideals.

District and Regional Sport

Forest Hill State School is part of the Laidley District for sports.  At a regional level, we participate in Metropolitan West Trials.

The school holds annual Cross Country and Athletic Carnivals.  The students also participate in the District Speed Soccer/Netball Carnival.